The VR Fitness Machine

The Future Of Fitness Is Here

Traditional fitness experiences can be torturous. You focus on the pain of each rep or step. Time goes by so slowly that you wonder if it’s actually working.  Not anymore!  Introducing the all-new VR Fitness Machine, an advanced virtual reality product that brings interactive virtual reality fitness games to a local gyms and workout establishments.



The VR Fitness Machine offers a turn-key system that can be added to almost any type of gym or workout facility.



Immerse your customers in a workout they’ve never experienced and entice them to come back for more.

VR Fitness

Gamify the workout process by providing members with a fun and rewarding way to go to the gym.

Excite Your

Bring a new invigorating and thrilling feeling back to working out by offering members access to a variety of fun and exciting highly active vr workout sessions.


Keep your members coming back for more by showcasing a game leaderboard for everyone to see.  Who will claim the number one spot?  Create daily, weekly, even monthly contests that will keep your gym buzzing with excitement.

VR Fitness Machine

Immersive Virtual Workout

At The VR Fitness Company, we are creating the world’s first virtual reality gym experience.
Take a step into the VR Fitness Machine and immerse yourself in a whole new way to get fit.


Generate Extra Revenue

The VR Fitness Machine provides gym members the newest most futuristic way to exercise, using Virtual Reality to gamify and make exercise a lot more fun and exciting. The VR Fitness Machine is built to give a safe, fun aerobic session for all fitness levels. This product has a high return on investment, as it’s designed to be a consistent revenue generator for club ownership. This easy to run turnkey product will give members a high end/non dizzy VR fitness experience that will keep them coming back for more. Working out in Virtual Reality is here. Get on board today!

Use Case #1 ($10 Per)

$10 (20 min sessions) X15 Per Day =$150/Day

$150 Per Day X 30 Days = $4,500/month

Use Case #2 ($20 Per)

$20 Premium Per Month For Unlimited Use

$20 X 100 Members = $2,000

Use Case #3 (Membership)

Increase Member Engagement & Retention

New Membership Selling Feature


Industry Leading Protection Plan

Every VR Fitness purchase comes with a comprehensive VR Fitness Protection Plan, that includes:  Unlimted Replacement on all broken equipment, access to current workout sessions, access to all future workout sessions, unlimited software upgrades, and unlimited customer phone and email support.

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